2023 – Activity Fees (Youth Groups)

                                Activity Information

Session Times

Morning: 10-11 / 11-12 / 12-13

Afternoon:14-15 / 15-16 / 16-17

Evening: 17-18 / 18-19 / 19-20 / 20-21

Each session can accommodate a maximum of 12 participants. One adult will be required for supervision of the group. Session timings include kitting up, briefing and debriefing time.

Please check the suitability of activities for your group at the time of booking. A weight limit of 120kg (18 stone) applies to all roped activities.

Instructor Permits

If you have the correct permit or qualification to run your own activity session, then please talk to us about running your own self instructed session using our equipment to receive a discounted price. If you have your own equipment, this too can be used, so long as all checks are completed as per Scouting rules. Permits will need to be on Compass. All supervision, setting up, and risk assessments are the responsibility of the leader.

^Some activities may require more than 1 instructor depending on age / ability of group

* 3hour session

# Facility only £20/hr