Activity Permits/ Courses

Activity Courses 2018
Course Dates Details
 NSRA Rifle Instructor Sat & Sun 10/11th March 18

Sat & Sun 6/7th October 18

 From £90, inc free camping
Scout Climbing Permit Training Sat & Sun 3/4th March 18 From £60, inc free camping
Archery GB Instructor Course Fri, Sat & Sun 13/15th April 18 From £180, inc free camping
Campfire Leader’s Course Sun 29th April 2018 From £25, inc free camping
BC 2 Star Course


BC FSRT & Paddle Sport Leader

Tomahawk Throwing Instructor

Sat & Sun 17/18th March

Sat & Sun 24/25th March

Mon-Fri 19/23rd March

Sun 20th May

From £85, inc free camping


From £50 FSRT + £300 PSL

From £30, inc free camping


Uniform not required.

All Courses require you to bring a packed lunch.

Outdoor clothing may be required.

Coffee and tea provided.

Ring Vikki or Sue on 01277 212784  for details or contact via email or directly at the site.