Angling – Day Ticket


Day fishing at Thriftwood


You can fish from 9.30am to 9.30pm on Pickle’s Pond.  NO NIGHT FISHING

You may use 2 rods and have 1 guest only.

No music, alcohol or fires.

Pickle’s Pond holds a good head of fish, enabling even the newest angler a chance to catch a small one.

Almost every species of coarse fish, except Pike, are there to be caught;

  • Common and Mirror Carp to 18lbs
  • Perch up to 4lbs
  • Bream to 6lb
  • Roach up to 2lbs
  • Goldfish and Golden Orfe to 4lb

Day ticket of £5 and annual fee of £50. Please pay at Reception

No keep nets. Barbless hooks only please.