Activity: Site Instructed or Self Led (with appropriate qualification) – Developing Skill, Team Work, Problem Solving and Confidence.

The complex has two faces, each one hired separately. The degree of difficulty is very much in the hands (and feet) of the user and varies with overhangs and slopes on the front face (Wall 1) and full vertical rear face (Wall 2). The facility is now floodlit to enable evening use.

The new tower is purpose built to give the best climbing experience.

Beavers and Rainbows can reach for the stars.

Cubs and Brownies can go for the Smiley Faces.

Scouts, Guides and older sections can tackle the top via the overhang.

When climbing / abseiling using Site instructors; we recommend no more than 6 in a group per hour.

Climbing holds cannot be cleaned in between climbers, it is important that hands are washed, before and after climbing and that you don’t touch your face during the session

Recommended Minimum age 6 years

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Download: Self-Instruct Tower Policy

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